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La Reina, Santiago
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Instituto Chileno de Terapia Familiar was founded in 1983 under the initiative of Dr. Guillermo Altamirano and a group of professional psyquiatrists and psychologists, who came together with the common interest of working for the psychological wellbeing of people from a systemic approach.

Since then, in the academic area we have worked in the training of therapists. In the clinical area we have given psychotherapeutic attention to couples and families, assistance that has always been done by therapists trained at our institution. These professionals are also in permanent academic activities that nurture their clinical work.

An important milestone was to be one of the first institutions of training of family therapist to be recognized by the National Commission of Clinical Psychologists Accreditation as Specialists in Psychotherapy. In 1995 our training program was accredited for the training in Santiago, and in 1997 for the training in rest of the country.

Since 1997 we have also developed clinical attention and training in the post graduate program of Family Mediation.

In the year 2006 we started to refurbish a campus in the former San José Hospital, in order to develop our psychosocial work with the more vulnerable population of our country. Today, this campus is a beautiful reality that allows us to have a privileged space to affirm the institutional spirit.

It is with great satisfaction that we can say we feel in a stage of consolidation of our institution that is supported by a 26 year history; in a process of continous reflection, permanent renovation, continous search and generation of new knowledge and better work tools.

This view of permanent change with which we have walked has always been with great respect and consideration for our history: our own, our country´s and of the world in which we have had to play a role.